requirements & Expectations

Thanks for being interested in fostering! To foster an animal for us, you must be over the age of 21. All dogs/cats currently in the household must be up to date on vaccinations and be spayed/neutered (unless there are medical reasons or they are under 6 months old).

If you have a landlord, their consent and knowledge are required in writing or one of our representatives must speak to them over the phone or in person. We expect you to keep the foster pet on heartworm/flea prevention monthly (which we provide).

You must remain in good contact with one of us. You must not allow the foster pet to leave your possession without the approval of a representative. You must agree to foster this pet at your own risk, and release all TIH members from any liability arising from damages to property/people caused by said pet.

You must take your foster pet to vet appointments made by us (any unauthorized appointments will NOT be reimbursed). You must keep your foster pet indoors as a household companion, and keep the pet on a leash when outside in a non-secure area. Your foster pet should never be left unsupervised, especially around young children.  

You must take your foster pet to vet appointments made by us (any unauthorized appointments will NOT be reimbursed). 

We also ask you to sign a foster agreement agreeing to all of this. We know this is a lot to ask for, but it only ensures pets in our group are in the best hands and are properly looked after.

Foster Agreement

    Type of House

    HouseApartmentCondoMobile home

    Do you rent or own your home?

    If you rent, may we contact your landlord to obtain permission for this pet to live in your home?

    Are all of your current pets spayed or neutered?

    YesNoDon't Know

    Are all of your current pets up to date on vaccines and heartworm prevention?

    YesNoDon't Know

    I/(We) agree to act as a temporary foster home for ThisIsHouston. I/(We) agree to the following:

    1. The adoptee(s) is/are and remain(s) the property of ThisIsHouston and must be returned to the rescue if requested.

    2. The adoptee(s) will be kept inside the home.

    3. The adoptee(s) will be fed, watered, and exercised appropriately. In the case of dogs, exercise does not include unsupervised, off-leash time outside a securely fenced yard. Dogs may not be tied up without direct supervision except for short periods of time.

    4. Access to general veterinarian care, approved by ThisIsHouston will be provided by ThisIsHouston with the foster home taking the adoptee(s) to a pre-approved vet and will be paid for by the rescue.

    5. Emergency veterinarian care should be approved in advanced by the rescue if possible. If conditions do not provide for pre-approval, emergency care is at the discretion of the foster home. The foster home should contact the rescue as soon as possible after the emergency care to provide a report and expense amount.

    6. The adoptee(s) is/are to be adopted only into homes approved by ThisIsHouston. Anyone who expresses interest in adopting must apply and go through the standard adoption procedures.

    7. Foster homes are encouraged to participate with the rescue representative in taking part in the adoption of the adoptee(s). No one knows the adoptee(s) better than the foster parent(s) and any input is greatly appreciated to ensure the correct placement of the adoptee(s).

    8. Foster homes are required to bring the adoptee(s) to veterinarian appointments or adoption days as scheduled by the rescue.

    9. Any donations that may be received by the foster parent(s) in relation to the adoptee(s) must be turned over to ThisIsHouston as soon as possible.

    10. If any questions or problems arise, the foster parent(s) should immediately contact the rescue. If the need arises to move the adoptee(s) to another foster home, the adoptee(s) is/are to be turned over to a ThisIsHouston representative.

    11. The foster parent(s) accept(s) all responsibility for any events that may occur as a result of fostering the adoptee(s). The rescue is not liable for any injuries to people, other companions, or for any loss or damage to property. Please consult your renters or homeowners’ policy to be sure you are covered for these possibilities.

    12. The foster parent(s) will contact a ThisIsHouston representative weekly to report on the condition and status of the adoptee(s) either by phone or email.

    13. Any expenditures beyond spaying/neutering, basic vaccinations, heartworm testing, stool sample or pre-determined veterinarian care approved by the rescue must be approved by the rescue to be considered for reimbursement. The foster parent(s) may request permission to have elective care done at their own expense.

    14. Should a foster home feel they might be interested in adopting the adoptee(s), they should notify a ThisIsHouston representative as soon as possible for consideration.

    By entering my name below, I agree to the above terms and conditions.