Cleveland Outreach

outreach program

After rescuing a handful of dying dogs from Cleveland, TX, we recognized a huge need in the area. We lost one amazing dog, Ash, to distemper and another, Rose, to parvo, and were tired of these innocent dogs dying from preventable diseases. So, in Ash and Rose’s memory, we’ve committed ourselves to holding events twice a month offering FREE vaccinations, microchips, dewormer, and spays/neuters to the many owned pets in the area.

We started this outreach program in May 2021 and we are committed to helping reduce the number of unwanted dogs in the area along with preventing as many dogs as possible from dying slow and miserable deaths like Ash and Rose.

In addition to offering free vetting to the owned dogs, we also are providing food to several street feeders to feed the many dogs on the streets. At the very least, each dog gets a full belly. Visit our Amazon Wishlist to help provide supplies for these innocent dogs:

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