About Us

why we do what we do

The inundation of graphic dog posts and images on social media seems to have rendered a lot of people helpless. The bystander effect has grabbed a hold of our city and it isn’t loosening its grip. Most people are not aware of the stray overpopulation problem going on in this city.

The others don’t help because somebody else will. Well, we are ‘somebody else’. We have no super powers. We have no magic formula or secret that gives us the ability to do what we do. We are just an example of what can be done when people come together for a common cause and leave egos at the door.

Why do we do this? Because we choose to. Because we are tired of dogs suffering needlessly. And because we refuse to live in a world where there is a choice not to help.


We are based in Houston, TX and we were founded in May 2019. We became a 501c(3) in September 2019 and we focus on the dogs others would rather euthanize; whether they’re severely sick or injured – we will fight for them until there is no fight left.