Board of Directors

Amanda Hulebak is a founding board member and president of ThisIsHouston. As an animal & human welfare advocate, pitbull lover, and with her education in law, Amanda focuses her efforts on raising awareness to the stray epidemic in our city and demanding accountability from the leaders of this city. As a resident to 5th Ward, she bears witness to the insurmountable suffering and negligence that Houston’s strays battle daily.
Kaleb Xavier is a founding board member and original founder of the ThisIsHouston organization. Born in a small town near the USA/Mexico border, Kaleb is well cultivated and has been a monumental asset in delivering ThisIsHouston’s mission to the Hispanic communities that they serve. With his education and experience in business, he brings essential knowledge to the foundation of the organization. He is always exceptionally prepared and determined when going into any rescue mission, turning into a professional “puppy cuddler” anytime he possibly can.
Tom Joseph is a founding board member and strategist of ThisIsHouston. Skilled in security and well-versed in dog trapping, Tom lends his IT education and disciplined military experience to all the groundwork for the organization’s animal rescue missions and operations. His belief that “rescue is a verb that requires action beyond the initial idea” was instrumental in saving Gus and hundreds of others.
Laura Jean is a founding board member and rescue liaison/coordinator of ThisIsHouston. With an extensive background and experience in dog rescue, trapping, and fostering, Laura extends her expertise in the best use of available resources. Amiable, knowledgeable, and extremely well-loved throughout Houston’s rescue community, she bridges the gap between those that are helping and those that would like to.
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